A warning. This blog contains adult content….that is, I am about to talk about government regulators.

The ongoing expansion of government regulation will likely represent an indirect stimulus of the multi-billion dollar pornography industry. Here’s why…

Today’s Wall Street Journal (“Regulators Accepted Gifts From Oil Industry,” May 25, 2010) reports that regulators may have been confused by the meaning of the phrase “monitoring offshore drilling.” The Interior Department’s Inspector General has released a report that states “[e]mployees of a federal agency that regulates offshore drilling—including some whose duties included inspecting offshore oil rigs—accepted sporting-event tickets, meals, and other gifts from oil and natural-gas companies and used government computers to view pornography…”

You’ll remember from my previous blog (“Lugubrious Drollery”) that SEC attorneys were spending hours surfing pornography on the internet while they should have been protecting us from those Economic Terrorists on Wall Street. Now we find that the Interior Department has been equally lacking in rigor with respect to the oil industry (although not in the medical definition of “rigor” which means “rigidity of a muscle”).

Who’s Next?