John Kerry has called for sanctions against Libya. That’s sure to stop Gaddafi from his quest for martyrdom! He’ll no doubt reconsider his “everything will burn” outlook and plead with his country to forgive him. Especially if he says he has found Jesus…well, maybe not Jesus.

At the moment when the US should be funneling humanitarian aid in truckloads through Egypt into eastern Libya (note to the CIA and State Department: the border with Egypt is open), John Kerry calls for sanctions? Against which Libya John? The new government in the east or the one that will soon be burning in the west?

Can we have the shutdown of our government now for awhile?

Just think of the goodwill we can generate in both the new Egypt and the new Libya by getting something right for a change. This is no time for another study. Let’s get the trucks rolling and the aid flowing. People are dying and need our help. We can sort the politics out later.

A new day is dawning in the deserts of North Africa. How refreshing if it would happen here as well.