Is freedom of speech an illusion in our country? Take a glance at this YouTube video of police pepper spraying students at UC Davis the other day. The video is long enough that you can see the crowd was peacefully assembled.

Just who are the police protecting and serving these days? Perhaps the bankers, politicians and wall street barons?

The babble that passes for news on most television stations equates dissent with unpatriotic behavior. Which is dangerous. Dissent is essential for a healthy democracy. An entire generation has come of age in this country without experiencing a proper, thoughtful, debate. This season’s Republican debates are so absurd that they would not be out of place airing on Comedy Central.

In February of 2009, I suggested it was time for another revolution in this country (Revolutionary Road). Perhaps this is what the Occupy movement will become, but it has yet to find a voice.

I am not against capitalism. My wife and I watched a show the other evening on the construction of the Airbus A380 which we had the pleasure of flying last summer. Such a plane would not be possible without capitalism and the financing it provides. You cannot imagine Aeroflot, the flag carrying Russian airline, coming up with something like that. But our government certainly isn’t here to help. Congress can’t even balance a checkbook much less decide whether pizza is a vegetable!

More later once I have had a chance to eat my vegetables…

This is Not a Democracy