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The following is a list of various websites of interest concerning Antarctica. It is meant to accompany the chronicles of our Antarctic Peninsula trip in 2013 and serve as a reference source for additional information.

Part I, The Antarctic Peninsula

Part II, Ushuaia

Part III, The Drake Passage

Part IV, Lemaire Channel

Part V, Almirante Brown

Part VI, Wilhelmina Bay

Part VII, Neko Harbour

Part VIII, Deception Island (coming soon)

Part IX, Rounding the Horn (coming soon)

Part X, Return to Buenos Aires (coming soon)


Morning in the Lemaire Channel.

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. A nice blog on the happenings at the South Pole.

Antarctic Fox. An often humorous account of a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust. The people who conserve expedition bases left by explorers.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust. This is the UK version with includes the lively Port Lockroy blog.

The Antarctican Society. A U.S. based non-profit devoted to educational issues.

Australia’s center of Antarctic and Southern Ocean climate change research which studies climate change impacts in Australia and the Pacific.

The Antarctic Sun. News from the United States Antarctic Program.

Australia’s Antarctic Division.

Antarctica New Zealand. Scott Base – the other base on Ross Island.

The British Antarctic Survey. Maps, books and more.

Byrd Polar Research Center. Looking at what happens when things get cold.

Cool Antarctica. A nice discussion on extreme weather clothing.

Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs. Coordinating scientific research on the continent.

Field Manual for the United States Antarctic Program. In case you would like to learn how to build a snow shelter.

Gateway Antarctica. New Zealand’s center for study and research.

International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators. IAATO is the rule setting body for responsible tourism.

Possible landing sites on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Mariners Weather Log. Though not specifically about Antarctica – news and information about worldwide weather events and phenomena.

National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs.

New Zealand Cluster Munition Coalition. Important work done by Antarctic guides in between polar seasons.

Noah Stryker. Birder extraordinaire and author who once spent three months with three-hundred thousand penguins at Cape Crozier.

The Oates Collection. All about the man who went outside and has been some time.

OneOcean Expeditions. The people to see about visiting Antarctica.

Operation Ice Bridge. Building a record of the Earth’s changing ice.

Antarctic Place Names. Provides a useful interactive map.

The Polar Conservation Organization. Dedicated to a sustainable future.

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. All the latest cutting edge stuff.

Scott Polar Research Institute. Research in both the north and south.

Sea Sheppard. Though not an Antarctic site, this group does important work addressing the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the the world’s oceans.

South Georgia Heritage Trust.

South Pole. Presenting a history of Antarctic exploration.

From NASA’s Earth Observatory – a discussion of the West Antarctic ice sheet.


Bryde Island in Paradise Bay.